【Personal interview part 1】The epidemic is hard to shake ambition——Dialogue with Lv Liyi, chairman of Weishi

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Chairman of WEISHI Lv Liyi

There are not many leading figures with real stories in the washing industry. Lu Liyi, chairman of Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd., is a very special one. We often listen to the laundry owner's praise of his aggressive style and technical skills, calling him a "technical maniac". He led the Weishi team from clothing machinery to washing equipment, which made a great success. In a few years, the annual sales volume ranked first in the industry, which made the peers both astonished and admired.

The outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted the development plans of many enterprises, and most of them are still hesitating. However, I heard that Weishi has been making a lot of adjustments recently. We paid a special visit to Weishi with curiosity and doubt, approached LV Liyi and approached Weishi.



ILD :Thank you for your valuable communication time! We all see that Weishi continues to develop at a high speed, and its sales are among the best in just a few years. There are always reasons for success. Can you share some good experiences with us?

Lv Liyi:Success? Hey, it's far away! Weishi has only achieved its short-term development plans and goals. We have carefully compared and analyzed some large foreign enterprises in the laundry industry. The annual global sales of the top few enterprises are at least RMB 2-3 billion, and the annual sales of several domestic leading enterprises are only one fifth of those of others. We still have a long way to go. But I believe Chinese washing equipment manufacturers will catch up with them in the shortest time.

The reason why Weishi has been recognized by the market in recent years is that we have entered the industry for a short time and there are no rules and regulations. We can only look at the high standards, study hard and devote ourselves to do a good job of equipment in good faith. Only by solving the basic "hard core" of product performance and quality first, can we obtain the sincere recognition of the market and customers. With word-of-mouth, there will be a certain market.

I often tell customers that Weishi wants to achieve "three thirds" compared with other products, to improve the efficiency by one third, to save one third of the cost and to increase the durability by one third. Weishi is to help laundry factories improve efficiency. If there is no efficiency, there will be no benefit. Who will want your machine?

Of course, to do so many products quickly, we must make great efforts to continuously invest. In the past, we made clothing machinery. Clothing machinery and laundry machinery are actually the same, but with higher precision. Therefore, we have certain basic resources to support, and the most important thing is to have an experienced R & D and production team of automation equipment. It's important that our team has always maintained the spirit of hard work. Weishi's development path is somewhat similar to that of Kannegiesser of Germany. In the early stage, they also made clothing finishing equipment. Later, through merger and reorganization and their own product advantages, they rapidly developed into a global leading enterprise in the washing industry. This is also an experience we can learn from, so learning is very important.



ILD :You just mentioned the word "fighting". We know that the Weishi team is young and capable, and most of them have technical skills and strong market impact. How did you train and cultivate such a team?

Lv Liyi:You got the point! Do you know what the core values of Weishi are? "We are all partners.". We should have a close partnership with customers, suppliers and employees. We can not understand the simple slogan in daily life.

Weishi employees are relatively young, many of them entered Weishi after graduation from school, and now "children" have become the backbone. This may be related to my preference for technology. I will point-to-point give each of them a topic or problem at any time, and personally participate in and help them analyze and solve them together. Many of the problems were solved one by one in a small restaurant near my home in the evening. When the problems are solved one by one, the market feedback comes and the customers praise them, they naturally have a sense of achievement and a sense of belonging. I like to call them "children" because I hope that they will grow up as soon as possible and become successful on the Weishi platform. At my age, I don't think much of the interests. We are also considering the reform of the stock market and listing on the stock market. The business of Weishi is ultimately owned by these employees and partners and belongs to everyone. Working for myself can stimulate people's motivation and potential more than working for the boss.

Published in April,2020 edition of ILD magazine