Why Weishi gas heated transfer dryer is your reasonable investment?

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April, Why Weishi gas heated transfer dryer is your reasonable investment?

     The transfer dryers usually can be used for cakes from a press or loose goods from a centrifuge in the laundry. The working process of the dryer is: after heat exchange to the radiator, fresh air through the air inlet becomes hot air with the high performance fan which exchanges heat with the textile in the drum, then exhaust from the machine. The textile in the drum gradually evaporates under the action of hot air to achieve the drying effect.

      According to the different ways of heat source supply, dryers are usually divided into steam heated dryer and gas heated dryer. Because of its simple structure and convenient maintenance, the steam dryer is widely used in the laundry. But with the development of society and technology, people put forward higher requirements for drying equipment: lower energy consumption, higher efficiency and protection of textiles. The gas heated dryer just meets these requirements. Compared with the steam dryer, the gas heated dryer does not need the secondary conversion of heat source, so that more utilization of energy, the lower consumption and the higher efficiency. As the heat source of the steam heated dryer is steam, the friction of steam in the pipeline will cause pressure loss, resulting to reduce the steam temperature. At the same time, the condensed water in the steam application will also take most of the heat away, so that the heat exchange rate of the steam used in the linen is not enough. So the unstable steam pressure in the laundry factory also affect the drying effect of textiles.

      In terms of drying efficiency, the gas heated dryer is more efficient than the steam heated dryer. In the laundry factory, the steam pressure with about 7kg generally provides a temperature around 170 ℃, while the gas heated dryer can provide a drying temperature of more than 200 ℃, which greatly shortens the drying time and improves the drying efficiency.

    Data analysis  

      From the application data, under the steam pressure of 6-7 kg, drying 100 kg towel with 50% moisture content, the steam heated dryer needs about 25 minutes and consumes 130 kg steam, while the gas heated dryer needs 20 minutes with about gas 8 cubic.

   Cost analysis   

      According to the calculation of steam with RMB250 / ton, the steam heated dryer needs steam cost is RMB32.5 ; at present, the price of gas is RMB 3.29 / cubic in Beijing, and the cost of gas is RMB26.32.

       It is not hard to see that both energy costs and efficiency can be increased by 20% (5 minutes shorter). Of course, if the calculation obtains steam from the gas heating boiler and then dries it, taking into account the boiler efficiency, pipeline loss and other factors, this kind of saving will be more obvious. In addition, the value of direct fired equipment is that it can be used as soon as it is opened, rather than as a steam system, which requires the operation of the whole boiler system regardless of drying and ironing. During the outbreak, the business volume of each laundry is not much, at this time, a lot of energy is wasted on the power on and off. Generally speaking, a domestic washing machine needs to be equipped with 5-6 through dryers, but now only 4 direct fired dryers can meet the production needs.

    II In 2010, Shanghai Weishi Machinery Co., Ltd. undertook the research and development of the national 12th Five Year Plan science and technology support project, so as to develop the steam heated dryer supporting continuous batch washer project. In 2013, the national 12th Five Year Plan science and technology support project of continuous batch washer passed the acceptance of the national expert group and started mass production. Through three years of efforts, the project has completed more than 100 projects, and has been recognized by the domestic peers due to the stability and efficiency of the equipment. In 2015, Shanghai Weishi participated in laundry exhibition in Atlanta, USA, and then, Weishi continuous batch washer was successfully sold to New Jersey, USA. Due to the customer's requirement to use gas heated dryer, Weishi developed and manufactured gas heated dryer in 2016 and sent it to the United States, which is still in stable operation.

       In 2018, with the increasingly high requirements for environmental protection in China, many laundry factories in China also have awareness and demand for gas heated dryers. We took this opportunity to start mass production of gas heated dryers. In more than one year, more than 50 gas heated dryers were sold and installed in the markets mainly in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Northeast and South China. Through the accumulation of customer cases and the actual measurement, Weishi gas heated dryer has achieved good reputation and stable and high efficiency.

       In 2020, according to the market feedback and actual operation conditions, Weishi upgraded the gas heated dryer and made a big step towards a more energy-saving and efficient direction.II


      In the past four years, from the launch of gas heated dryer to today's upgrading, Weishi has been low-key and continuous optimization, striving to make the laundry factory use more reliable, efficient and lower consumption equipment. Now, it's time to take advantage of gas heated equipment.

     Drying, as the highest energy consumption link of laundry plant, the efficiency and energy consumption of drying equipment directly determine the profitability of the whole plant. Gas heated dryer has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and intelligence, which will be the development direction of dryer in the future.


  IFlowdiagram of exhaust air recirculation system                                                               ITypes of heater

                                                                                                   (This picture is from 《Performance evaluation of industrial dryer》Feb.2013,ILD)


                              IGas pipe                                                                                            IGas pipe 


  IWeishi gas heated transfer ironer used in USA       IWeishi gas heated transfer ironer can be used in conjunction with

                                                                                        tunnel washers or in a stand-alone configuration